Updating views in visual c

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The following illustrations show some of the pages that you'll work with.

When a new course entity is created, it must have a relationship to an existing department.

The check boxes all have the same name ("selected Courses"), which informs the model binder that they're to be treated as a group.

The value attribute of each check box is set to the value of values for only the check boxes which are selected.

The Instructor entity has a one-to-zero-or-one relationship with the Office Assignment entity, which means your code has to handle the following situations: Run the app, select the Instructors tab, and then click Edit on an instructor. To add and remove relationships, you add and remove entities to and from the Course Assignments join entity set.

The user can select or clear check boxes to change course assignments.

If the number of courses were much greater, you would probably want to use a different method of presenting the data in the view, but you'd use the same method of manipulating a join entity to create or delete relationships.

This ensures that when the page is redisplayed to show the error message, whatever department was selected stays selected.

To optimize performance of the Course Details and Delete pages, add .

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