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Dana worked as an elementary school teacher, and Sarah taught art. Her two small children were playing in a little plastic swimming pool in the backyard. As soon as the screen door slammed behind her, Sarah heard a deafening crash.Suddenly Sarah heard an urgent voice inside her head, commanding: "Run fast! She turned around to see a huge semi trailer truck filling up her entire backyard.Quickly they drove to the rabbi's house and knocked on his door.When the rabbi opened the door, Sarah blurted out plaintively, "Why can't we get married today?They rented a modest house on a steep hill, with a lovely backyard surrounded by an eight-foot-high redwood fence.

In a recurrent dream, repeated hundreds of times, she saw herself walking on a narrow bridge toward the Golden City.

"Our wedding meal was the first kosher food we ever ate," recalled Sarah years later.

Dana and Sarah moved to the San Francisco Bay area.

The rabbi cried because these young Jews had planned to get married on the day so laden with tragedy throughout Jewish history.

Dana cried because this rational explanation meant that he would have to postpone his wedding.

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