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I had an operation on my knee last year and whilst recovering one day, a few days after the operation, I was sat on the bed with my leg stretched out and husband walked in and ‘accidentally ‘ kicked my foot on the operated knee side, which made me bend my leg, something I was not supposed to do, and which made me screech in pain.My husbands response, “well you shouldn’t have had your leg in the way” left me reeling.Things are so much clearer, behaviors explained, the damage left behind from these tornados are something we are trying to heal from.Here is the tricky situation, not realizing the extent of her illness, we let her move into our house years ago, now after being that close we really got to see and experience the depth of this evil influence that consumes the home and all the energy in it. We had a talk about this a few months ago warning we would have to sell the house and move if she didn’t get help, first she got mad and threatened us with elder abuse charges, saying she would claim that to fight us.See 5 Reasons Why It’s Critical That You Leave Your Narcissistic Partner. These stories and experiences saving lives and may be saving mine right now.You’ll live each day with tightness in your chest, a general feeling of sickness, and the […] Reply I have been in a very toxic relationship with a narcissist for about 2 years now. And I don’t know how to leave but my whole entire body is starting to ache from this abuse. I have my own home, I blocked him from Facebook, messenger and blocked his number in my phone, (but he has a cell emulator) and calls from anonymous numbers. Reply I was married to a narcissist for 9 years and we own property together.To Janie Rushing and all the people on here providing simple-minded advice about not having babies in the first place: I’m sure most people in this situation of dealing with child support issues didn’t plan for this to happen when they decided to have a baby with their ex.

He didn’t even try to comfort me or show any remorse. I really wasn’t trying to commit suicide I just wanted him to stop and to get some sleep and for the pain to stop. Unknown to me at the time, he had my phone, and read my messages to a friend.

I always knew something was very off before I moved to Denver a year ago to be with this man, but I so badly wanted to make this fantasy work. And it’s the worst feeling I have ever came across in my life Reply I thank you for your writing all this, YOU are helping me, I am in the same situation you are in, please get out. Even on a great day (after love making after being broke up, with loving moments within less than an hour the anger and rage and a total personality change hits. How to leave a narcissist whom I own property with?

I have never been in a relationship where everything I say gets turned against me, if I load the dishwasher wrong he losses his shit. He threatens to break up with me for things he does wrong, he is never wrong!! Yet he will switch and be kind and loving and so giving that u almost yarn for that. I am fearful, I have severe anxiety, I have lost myself, depressed, brain Fog, lost my self confidence. I don’t have a problem with no-contact, but how to I finalize things so that I don’t have to see or hear from him again?

He also messaged my phone saying he didn’t know what was going on but he had been refused permission to see me and wanted me to see that he had been trying to call and message me even though he had my phone ie he confirmed that I’m messaging you this whilst I am holding your phone.

It would be some weeks before he finally fessed up that he had read my phone and only whilst he was driving and during another awful argument where he told me I needed to make my mind up whether I was staying or going.

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