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don't worry my man, it's pretty obvious the relationship wouldn't work out for her.

no one gets engaged over 7 weeks unless you're suicidal or something, haha.

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She seems to be taking the break up with you so hard that she is litterally throwing herself into self destruction mode as a way of coping. It's important you understand that a person's well being and health is THEIR responsibility, and not yours.

Realize you don't need her to be miserable or pining away for you for you to be happy and move on. Feeling for you mate, because I'm having to do the same thing, ie) move on. She is a part of your past, just as my EX is a part of mine, move on with your future, good luck mate. I think it explains why I had to cut her out of my life even though I am still in love with her.

Yet still contacting me telling me she is crying every night and looking at our facebook page every day. Three weeks ago I got an email from her and responded by telling her to never contact me again.

One of my friends calls me up 3 days ago and tells me she is engaged!

But even if she was seeing him some while seeing me is it not still sick on her part? For the last 4 weeks I have not looked at any pages or emailed or texted. You pushed her out of your life emphatically, but part of you was hoping she would be a wreck a long time, and not be able to go on. And that's by ensuring your own well being and health.

To be talking marriage with me a week before she breaks up and then engaged 7 weeks later is still sick right? She's probably well-adjusted and that other guy was able to do in seven weeks what you couldn't do in ten months. I did ask a friend to keep an eye or the finaces page so in six months after I was healed I could know what happened between them. The truth is, you pushed her out for a reason and what she does now should be of no concern because you are better off. I suggest you do it by having a long hard think about how someone you invested so much in can now be so fickle.

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