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While attending the Art Institute he worked for the Video Data Bank, then under the direction of Kate Horsfield.

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The shapes are reminiscent of suns, moons and overlapping landscapes, are painted in bright, primary colors. " ("Escape from Castle Wolfenstein) is a bonus level and easter egg in Wolfenstein: The New Order based on the first level of Wolfenstein 3-D. Blazkowicz lies down on a mattress near a picture of himself at Castle Wolfenstein. It starts the Side Mission: Escape from Castle Wolfenstein. He falls asleep and has a nightmare of his past experiences in circa 1945 (Operation: Eisenfaust). One of the artist's bleach collage works was included in the exhibition Pretty Raw: After and Around Helen Frankenthaler at The Rose Art Museum.ECLPSE The ECLPSE collages are made from cardboard salvaged from the floor coverings in the artist’s studio.

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