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I am a single father so I am unlikely to meet anyone in bars etc. This was pre-internet 1980s so it was still walk up to girls in bars rather than swipe right.I have had one woman who refused me an outcall because she knows too many people in the village I live and didn’t want to be seen. I would use gay saunas if I wanted to have sex with a guy, or a massage parlour if I thought I was straight.Some of my social circle know I pay for sex, but I’m not sure they believe it when I tell them I’m thinking of visiting an escort.Being a bisexual male is a bigger deal for me – I don’t tell people that.I love the eye contact, the kisses, laughs, hugs, the feel of skin on skin, when the heart skips a beat at first meeting, first touch, first little gasp.The feeling of just being with someone without judgment or criticism, and with joy.Now the internet has kicked in, my use of massage parlours has declined.I now either use an escort agency or listing sites. I use sex workers because I have no talent for relationships; I’m great at romance, but I’m crap at washing up or doing those relationship type things like shopping.

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It’s clear each one has a story to tell, and I’ve loved hearing all the responses.

Here’s what they told me: I exclusively see independent escorts – many [of] whom I have met through social media, their own private website, or through recommendations of other providers.

While physical intimacy continues to be a major factor in my ongoing bookings, sex is no longer the primary driver.

In fact, as time went on, I just wasn’t interested. All questions impossible to answer, because they were impossible to ask.

They had their head between my legs and the money in their hands, and that was enough for me. Again – that unwritten contract you sign when you visit/become a sex worker.

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