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Although the terms are often used interchangeably, they are not the same thing.

Student loan consolidation and refinancing both result in a single monthly bill, however student loan refinancing could result in significant savings.

@5% INTEREST Now as you can see, BILL keeping track of these loans might get complicated— especially if you’re making payments to different loan servicers.

BANK Entering these numbers into the loan calculator LOAN CALCULATOR, YOUR LOANS SUBSIDIZED LOAN, UNSUBSIDIZED LOANS at gov— CALCULATE, 0/MO on a standard ten-year repayment plan, you’re going to be paying a little over five hundred dollars a month.

STUDENT LOAN And you can often get a lower monthly payment 0, 10 YEARS, PRINCIPAL, INTEREST because you will have a longer repayment period— 0, 25 YEARS so there are some trade-offs to keep in mind.

Let’s look at an example of getting a federal consolidation loan— FEDERAL CONSOLIDATION LOAN GOV you can also get a private consolidation loan PRIVATE CONSOLIDATION LOAN BANK if you have private loans, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

STANDARD 10-YEAR REPAYMENT PLAN 5/MO, 0/MO, 5/MO 0/MO Over ten years, you’ll pay about eleven thousand dollars ,000 INTEREST in interest on your original principal of fifty thousand dollars.

When students are borrowing money to pursue a higher education, they often need to borrow from multiple lenders to cover all the expenses of college, which includes tuition, housing, and [email protected]% INTEREST Now, entering your loan information into a loan consolidation calculator, you’ll find that consolidating your loans CONSOLIDATED LOAN REPAYMENT PLAN gives you a new repayment period, ,000 PRINCIPAL, 0, 25 YEARS which is figured based on the amount you owe– the more you owe, the longer this repayment period will be.It can vary from ten to thirty years, but in this case it’s going to be twenty five years.By doing so, you may be able to reduce your monthly payment and cost of the entire loan with a lower interest rate or shorter payback term. Some private lenders also consolidate federal student loans, however you would be losing the benefits of your federal loans in the process.Federal student loan consolidation is usually done through a Direct Consolidation Loan which is offered by the U. Private student loan consolidation is available through private lenders like banks and credit unions.

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