Who is sarah chang dating

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Like violinist Julia Fischer, she is considered one of the most prominent contemporary classical violinists.

Sarah Chang Tadayon is a four language speaking international actress.

One area in which Chang has been slow to develop self-confidence is teaching.

Feeling she was too young to be a credible authority, she didn't give her first master class until she was 22, and that was hidden away in Singapore.

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But not until she was nearly 20 did Chang begin exploring chamber music with any frequency, initially playing in small festivals but also recording with other high-profile soloists on the EMI roster.Yet they still attract ignorant or unkind comments, finding a note stuck to their school locker reading, "Why don't you go back to the zoo?" This is in addition to being openly filmed by others when on public transport and having to field frequently agonising personal questions.Her feelings are reciprocated while Tippi, literally, looks the other way.But an attack of flu leaves the twins in failing health, with separation – however dangerous – the only alternative to certain death for both.

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