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Dan is the co-owner of White Street, a restaurant located in Tri Beca.Dan Abrams who stands at the height of 5 feet 9 inches is recognized also due to his good looks.Abrams Research, since its establishment has been helping clients to develop their personal media strategies.Abrams announced in June 2010 that his organization would shift its focus by advertising businesses exclusively on digital media strategy as per the upcoming trend.

This site is a sister site to Geekosystem which has a goal to highlight women in the geek world and helping the voices of geek women to be high flying.

The site is a sortie into the fashion world and it features both news as well as opinions regarding fashion.

It ranks designers, models, writers and also others in the style business which is based on the influences and trends.

He is the owner of seven websites which deal with various subject matters and also owns Abrams Research which is a digital media strategy. While he was still at Duke, Dan began anchoring newscasts on the channel Cable 13which was run by the students.

Abrams has written for many journal and online sites which have landed him as a best-selling author. Dan’s father Floyd Abrahms is an attorney and mother Efrat Abrams worked at the museum. Dan also joined the fraternity Delta Tau Delta during his years at Duke.

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