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As for the doctors, prescriptions from Smith's psychiatrist, Khristine Eroshevich, for opiates, muscle relaxants and other drugs were found in the Florida hotel room where Smith died.The jury in 2010 also convicted Eroshevich of conspiracy charges. Stern, Eroshevich and Kapoor were not charged with causing the death of Smith.

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Perry agreed and noted that other doctors and hospitals had also used false names for Smith to protect her privacy from "the prying eyes of the ever-present" media in Smith's life.Perry noted in his ruling Wednesday that the case had been hanging over Stern's head for more than six years and said he believed the lead prosecutor during the trial had been overzealous in pursuing a conviction. The judge said prosecutors seemed to be unfairly targeting Stern because he was a public figure and noted the expense in pursuing the case.Perry estimated that just running the courtroom over the course of the 50-day trial cost taxpayers 0,000.Now the doctor has revealed exclusively to Daily the story of that night and the shocking events around her death, in his new book, Trust Me, I'm a Doctor. The 39-year-old was found surrounded by 1,500 prescription pills.Now her doctor Sandeep Kapoor, who prescribed her some of the medication, has revealed their bizarre relationship Kapoor was charged in 2009 with illegally prescribing drugs to Smith but was cleared of all charges.

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