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, a prequel to John Carpenter's 1982 horror/sci-fi classic of the same name, Akinnuoye-Agbaje got to play an obviously upstanding man for a change—rather, he's "good" until a shape-shifting alien starts killing people and assuming their identities in an Antarctic outpost and everyone becomes a shady suspect.

Complex sat down with Akinnuoye-Agbaje to talk about playing villains, his entry into the horror genre, why he hasn't watched Yeah, I was familiar with both actually.

I think that creates a different dynamic, and it was really exciting to work with that process as an actor. At certain points it felt like the Antarctic, because we shot at the tail end of winter, so it was very difficult to speak outside.

And then ironically the spring came and it warmed up and we were faced with a new challenge, because we had three or four layers on and we were sweating profusely, so after every take you had to mop down and We had incredible set directors that recreated the '80s meticulously; I mean, they went to painstaking details.

I’ve done four movies this year, and one is a suit-and-tie character in . I think what was exciting about this film and character for me was the opportunity to play horror and suspense, because however unreal or surreal the reality, you really have to make that real for yourself for the audience to be engaged.

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You wouldn’t be going in the room with the ice block and checking it out? Actually, you know what, I think I would, but if the thing came out, there would be no, “Let’s go outside in minus-30 degrees and look for it.” It’d be, “Peace.When the producers called me and said they had me in mind for a part, I thought it interesting, because it’s a departure from what I’m known to play.I’m known to play tough guys, bad guys, heavy guys, and here was a guy, Jameson, who is an all-around nice guy and is American as apple pie.You touch these things and the hair on the back of your neck will stand up. " And it’s the same for the actor, because you don’t know what they’re saying in Norwegian, so you have to listen, and it creates a different texture to the movie. Fortunately for me, 90% of my work with the creatures was prosthetic creatures that had been built.I just think, what was so riveting about the Carpenter version was the paranoia, the suspense-thriller aspect, and it’s very present in this film. And not having a humongous Hollywood name it meant that we could really focus on the story, the ensemble, the group, and really tell the story of . Ordinarily, they use a tennis ball and a stick and you have to recreate what you’re seeing in your own mind.

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