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Most visitors arrive on organized coach tours from the Red Sea resorts of Sharm el Sheikh, Taba and Dahab in the evening, have dinner and maybe a couple of hours sleep in a hotel, climb the mountain at dawn, visit the Monastery in the morning and return to the resort. The region is a UNESCO World Heritage Area for its natural and cultural importance, and in fact, you could spend weeks to explore it.There are over 200 religious places and other important monasteries and churches, ruins of Byzantine monastic settlements, the highest mountains in Egypt with spectacular views, amazing rock formations and landscape.

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After relaxing on the beach you will enjoy fine Mediterranean cuisine in the à la carte restaurant and beach bar Lavanda.

Apart from the red granite rock which takes up 80 % of the Sinai High Mountain Region, there are newer, 10 million year-old black volcanic rock formations.

The interconnected labyrinth of valleys were created by the rains and melting snow, and are dotted with gigantic boulders brought down by the enormous force of water.

It is a unique high-altitude desert eco-system with many endemic and rare species, there is a whole range of medicinal plants used by locals for centuries which are not found elsewhere, there are water-pools, springs, creeks, narrow canyons and wide valleys.

In the valleys of the high mountains, called wadis, everywhere you go there are beautiful Bedouin gardens unique to this area only.

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