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Therefore, domestic films are usually overlooked in favor of those from Hollywood.As movie theaters are interested in revenue, they tend to prioritize these foreign films over local ones. In order to protect domestic films, the government imposes a screen quote on theaters in the country, making them screen domestic films for at least 146 days a year.Foreign films are a huge threat to the local film industry in many countries.

The domestic film industry is also protected by the Korean Film Council, a self-administered body established by the government in 1999.After calculating the distance and the speed limit, we told the festival reps beforehand that it would be impossible to arrive before 12 AM.The festival reps confirmed and said they will run the event so that there would be no gap until [my] performance.""In their second written post, it said that Brand New Music had told [the festival reps] on the day of the festival that we would be able to arrive by PM.Instead of waiting till college to learn movie-making skills, in South Korea some schools have invested in equipment to allow teachers teach movie making.This equipment includes actual blue screen technology and rooms with set pieces that can be used for role playing and staging of plays.

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