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Instantaneously, a bright light appeared in the middle of my room it was a ball of 20cm floating with a soft trembling (120cm over the floor), its color was the color of the "electricity", I mean the same color of lightings, it was there by 3-5sec then suddenly again desappeared, no explosion, no sound.

I was alone with closed doors, my window also closed but the curtains were open.

The heat from the impact was so fierce that it burned his internal organs.

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The glow, along with the moving wall-ceiling pattern, lasts for perhaps 5-10 seconds and then all phenomena vanishes and the room abruptly darkens.In the spring of 1984, my youngest brother was struck and killed by "a ball of lightning".This happened during the beginning of a thunderstorm in western lower Michigan.One of the first scientists to experiment with thunderstorm electricity (even before Ben Franklin) was killed by BL.In 1752, Georg Wilhelm Reichmann attempted to reproduce one of Franklin's thought-experiments.

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