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Superman II was another financial and critical success, despite stiff competition with Raiders of the Lost Ark in the same year.In 2006, after receiving many requests for his own version of Superman II, Richard Donner and producer Michael Thau produced their own cut of the film and released it on November 28, 2006.The fictional character Superman, an American comic book superhero in DC Comics publications, has appeared in movies almost since his inception.

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The film was a success both critically and commercially, being released during the Christmas season of 1978; it did not have much competition, leading the producers to believe that this was one factor in the film's success.Salkind, Bates and Jones developed two drafts of the script, with Christopher Reeve set to reprise the title role."In any good Superman movie, the fate of the whole planet should be at stake.You've got to have villains whose powers and abilities demand that Superman (and only Superman) can be the one who stops them.The story had Superman dying and resurrecting in the shrunken, bottled Krypton city of Kandor.The premise of Superman's death and rebirth coincidentally predated "The Death of Superman".

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