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RG-65 parts arriving soon as above, Carbon Fibre Mast head crane, carbon fibre mainsail head swivel, lightweight rudder head, 5mm jib boom swivel, Boom vang, jib boom counter weight, boom bands, swing rig t piece, swing rig and normal mast bearing kit.

Also , minature bowsies , lightweight cordage, boom fittings, 6 and 8 mm carbon fibre for masts and more!

I'm not sure what sort of black magic Facebook used to hide Messenger's name from Android's battery menu and its list of juice-sucking apps, but that doesn't deter us from figuring out who's to blame.

Using Better Battery Stats, it's very clear that Facebook and Facebook Messenger are the real culprits, as both appear at the top of all CPU and battery usage stats.

Not to worry, this isn't happening because of something you did.

Well, the solution is obvious—simply uninstall Facebook and Facebook Messenger until the company gets its shit together.

Just take a look at those crazy system and usage times—all this from two apps which haven't even been launched since the update.

The prolonged CPU usage translates into heat, and heat added to the high frequencies means extreme throttling on your phone, which is the reason why it's so slow and laggy.

Whilst we cannot always help with the nut steering your boat, we can help with the steering nut and other bolts and fixtures.

Tube from 1mm and wire for hooks and steering, new .9mm stainless wire just arrived.

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