Updating ipod touch

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The new i OS 10 was unveiled at WWDC 2016 and a public beta became available at July 7.

Many users have downloaded and installed it on their i Phone/i Pad/i Pod to have a try.

Apple support article says to transfer it manually "if you have ringtone in your i Tunes".

However in i Tunes 12.7 there are no ringtones anymore and I can't find a way to transfer custom ringtone my to i Phone.

Updated to ios 11 yesterday and now it only plays the default marimba even though the ringtone is on my phone and does play. The loss of support for 32 bit apps is a big drawback to me.

I tried assigning it to a contact as I read that somewhere-didn't work, I powered off my phone-didn't work, I do have the ringer on and I do have the downloaded thing hit in the sounds section. I cannot get the **** thing to recognize my custom ringtone-same issue as you. Gotchas such as poor handling of custom ringtones just add to my reluctance to upgrade. Of course, with the way planned obsolescence is pushed, I'll eventually find myself needing to upgrade.

After it will tell you it is updating files on the device and then you are good to go.

The deletion method you described doesn't work for me.

Or if you are not satisfied with i OS 10, then you can go to this guide to downgrade to the previous version.i OS is obviously going in the direction of not needing i Tunes at all, but in the meantime you still need to sync an i Phone, i Pad, or i Pod touch to copy over music libraries, videos, media, perform local backups, apps, and more.Typically i Tunes will sync with an i OS device without incident, but sometimes things go awry, and i Tunes just won’t sync at all.Thus far I have: Currently I am at a loss, and, thus far, Apple seems to be offering no resolution.While this is partly just frustration talking, I have had every iteration of an i Phone since the 3G.

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