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Sky One, a British satellite TV network, is in deep trouble over their new reality show entitled "Find me a Man." The show challenged six "lively and outgoing" men to spent a fortnight trying to woo a leggy South American brunette called Miriam, while staying at her luxury villa in Ibiza.

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She wants to give her viewers a fully realized trans character." Their headline also underlined the political goal: "Can Jill Soloway Do Justice to the Trans Movement?"It turns out there is a ton of eggshell-walking here, toward the forces of political correctness.That Times story emphasizes that Soloway finds "precision about language, politics and etiquette is ever-present in the cultural milieu." It began with Soloway perusing GLAAD's list of talking points, of phrases to avoid in the press, like "gay marriage," as if that's different from marriage.Inspired by GLAAD, Soloway made her bathrooms on the set gender-neutral, because she wants the set to be "different from the rest of the world, a sanctuary where all are welcome." She also enacted a "transfirmative action program" — hiring transgenders whenever possible in her production.Hollywood loves to paint itself as rebellious, but more and more, it succumbs to a rigid orthodoxy.

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