Traditional gender role dating

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At the end of the day, the important thing is for you both to decide what role each of you will play in YOUR relationship early on.

You BOTH must decide and work to keep that delicate balance to maintain harmony in order for YOUR relationship to continue and thrive.

However, Bay-Cheng noticed alleged gender equality changed when it came to power and relationship quality in women."We found that it was only women who thought the quality of their relationship changed depending on how much power they held," wrote Bay-Cheng in She added: "When they felt subordinate to a male partner, they perceived the relationship as less stable and less intimate."Meanwhile in men, only two reported they had controlling girlfriends, but in both cases, there was no sign of physical, sexual, or emotional abuse.

These men were less affected by the power imbalances, as one man admitted to feeling "self-loathing" but described his relationship as “three miserable years filled with great sex.”In women, power imbalance signified a lot more than just poor relationship quality.

The findings revealed both men and women reported either being the dominant or subordinate partner in a relationship.

Interestingly, participants who felt their partners possessed more power, saw their relationships as less stable and intimate and vice versa.

It appears gender equality exists in relationships, but a new study published in has found looks can be deceiving.

Laina Bay-Cheng, study author, and Associate Professor of Social Work at the University of Buffalo noted men and women were equally likely to see themselves as "wearing the pants" in a relationship, but there were implications in these power differences.

But, the effects of feeling subordinate were not the same for both genders.

No matter how successful and independent she may be, everything goes out the window when she is interested in a man that has shown interest in her. And while it may go against her independent thinking, they instinctively know that ultimately they will have to abide by the rules of pursuer and pursued if they are going to win the affections of the ones they desire.

Just like in the Movie “Big Fat Greek Wedding” the mother says to her daughter to the effect, “your father is the head, but I am the neck.

Bay-Cheng wanted to observe whether the balance of power in a relationship was linked to perceived stability and intimacy.

A special focus was centered on descriptions and anecdotes as signs of power dynamics between a couple.

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