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So I gave love out the way I saw other people giving it out. I wanted to play with the girl’s hair in front of me in science class. I was raised by parents who weren’t very affectionate.I longed for more touch, more affection, more praise.I wonder what my previous relationships would have been like had I shared my truth, had I chosen love over fear. There is not a more beautiful thing than operating as such.Try saying “I love you” to someone you just met and see what happens.

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As he was breaking my heart and explaining that I wasn’t enough, I went ahead and said it for the first time. Whether it’s the first day you meet or as your heart is breaking—it doesn’t matter. You let those magical words out of your mouth, out of your heart, and into the other person’s heart regardless of what happens. As I grieved the loss of my love, I vowed to never hold it in again. I would tell my friends, co-workers, potential lovers. As a single woman recently divorced and not looking for a relationship, I wondered what would happen.

Since then it happened like this with a handful of men. It helped us take our guard down and led to some really amazing conversations!

As we said the words, it helped us become fearless with other words of endearment that are usually tucked away for a more appropriate time.

I said, “I love you, and I have since the first time we met.” It wasn’t to keep him. I didn’t have any expectations; I just wanted to love people the way I’d always wanted to.

I felt like I was getting ready to unbuckle my belt after Thanksgiving dinner.

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