Symantec endpoint not updating

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Installation is a big topic, so I encourage you to read Symantec’s Top 10 SEP installation best practices.The article covers things like ensuring all SEP clients and SEPMS are running the latest maintenance release, using the Group Update Provider (GUP) for content distribution, and how to ensure out-of-date SEP clients to still get incremental updates.In this post I identify helpful links and tips from Symantec experts and reveal how to get a fast expert-led analysis of Symantec Endpoint Protection for free – before you switch.Scan the headers below for best practices in all areas of SEP and lots of links to helpful guides, as well as a way to get a free analysis of your SEP environment at the bottom using Symantec’s Best Kept Secret.It’s slow because the upgrade process converts all existing content to an optimized storage format, so plan for an extended upgrade time.Make sure you review the benefits of upgrading to the latest version of SEP 12.1.x, and check out Symantec’s Help diagnostic tool to determine if your system meets the minimum requirements.

You can add IPS using the Endpoint Protection Manager under add/remove programs and full Symantec IPS instructions are available here.Prior to running the wizard you will need to make sure your Anti-Virus application is supported.Please contact TEM if your Anti-Virus application is not supported by the wizard.Update virus definitions using the Live Update policy which will randomize client to SEP Manager communications and optimize I/O loads when they’re not updating simultaneously.Scan randomization does this too with minimal security impact For more best practices like disabling ‘Run an Active Scan’ when new viruses arrive, configuring Shared Insight Cache, and how to exclude base images using the Virtual Image Exception tool and more, view best practices for SEP and virtualization here.

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