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14 Hurricane hits puts Tampa at the top of the 2.03 group.(affected 72 times since 1871) Hit by Hurricane Irma in 2017 but loses 2 positions due to others gaining and some new hurdat2 adjustments.This city gets many back door systems from the Atlantic crossing into the Gulf.The Mid Atlantic coast gets many brushes and recurvatures as well as back door extratropical storms.The east Caribbean only has August, September and October as main threats, also note the closeness of locations in Southern locations vrs North.

This list is updated at the end of each Hurricane Season and re-calculated! If this list was calculated only on hurricane hits, it would be totally different.) Rankings = #1 most hits and brushes to #50.

Area has had numerous back door extratropical systems from the Gulf and Atlantic. (affected 68 times since 1871) Hit by Tropical Storm Cindy in 2017 but drops 2 positions due to other city additions.

The most affected area in Louisiana as it sticks out into the Gulf.

Wind radii prior to 1990 are based on climatology rather than observed values but on certain storms research has allowed for more accurate wind fields.

Keep in mind when viewing this list that Florida and the Western Caribbean get the most action due to vulnerability of all 6 months of Hurricane Season.

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