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Relationships that don't work out are bizarre things, miniature lives that burn out like stars.We all have our regrets—the one(s) that got away, the one(s) that never should have been. How frequently do two people go their separate ways?" data-original="https://au/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/-fast-facts-on-marriages-in-australia-hero.jpg" alt="-fast-facts-on-marriages-in-australia-hero" class="lazy" width="2184" height="1840" / Whilst the marriage rate has been slowly declining over the decades, as our population grows, there are still more weddings now than there were a decade ago.We hit the peak number of weddings in 2012 with over 123,000 weddings that year.Unmarried couples on the other hand, both straight and gay, have much higher break-up rates—even when they have been together for more than twenty years. Marriages, after all, are a necessarily more binding agreement.

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” Parker-Pope cautions that incorrectly understanding current divorce statistics may result in many people believing that “marriage is more fragile than it really is.” Believing that more people are destined to divorce than is the case could lead some couples simply to give up when problems occur in their marriages, she fears.“We know a lot more about the relationships that worked out than the ones that didn’t,” said Rosenfeld.“The way the census and other surveys tend to collect data just doesn’t produce a very good picture.This swings between over 2,000 weddings on a popular Saturday to just 37 weddings on Christmas Day!The most popular times to get married during the year are Spring and Autumn, in the months of November and March.

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