Spiritual minded dating

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But her social life started to shift in late November, when a friend invited her to a Namasgay meetup at Capitol Hill’s Excelsior Apartments.

First comes love, then comes marriage then comes…polyamory?

So he decided to start “boldly showing up as his authentic self” by coming out of the closet at 18 years old, moving abroad and receiving life-coach training.

Then, suddenly, his thyroid healed and his life started to fall into place.

In response, Macri has devoted his life to bringing together “those wanting to connect to themselves and others on a deeper level.” Seattle-native Anita Smith is one Namasgay member who wanted to tap into a more spiritually-minded community and to eventually find a partner.

After two-decades of isolating herself, the 71-year-old recently emerged from her debilitating depression and anxiety through the help of a spiritual healer.

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