Sophos updating policy secondary server

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When this option is enabled, roaming laptops will attempt to locate and update from the nearest location by querying fixed endpoints on the same local network they are connected to, which minimizes update delays and bandwidth costs.If multiple locations are returned, the laptop determines which is nearest and uses that location.If you choose an HTTP URL or a share that is not maintained by a managed Update Manager, Enterprise Console cannot check that the specified software subscription is available.You must manually ensure that the share contains the specified software subscription, otherwise computers will not be updated.The default policies are designed to provide effective levels of protection.

These policies are applied to any groups you create.The secondary update server location may alternatively be set to get updates directly from Sophos over the internet via HTTP.Contents 1 About this guide General policy recommendations Setting up an updating policy Setting up anti-virus and HIPS policies Recommended settings How to roll out an anti-virus and HIPS policy Setting up firewall policies About the firewall policy Planning firewall policies Recommended settings Configure the firewall for dual location How to roll out a firewall policy Setting up application control policies Recommended settings How to roll out an application control policy Setting up data control policies Defining a data control policy Recommended settings How to roll out a data control policy Understanding data control scanning within applications Setting up device control policies Recommended settings How to roll out a device control policy Setting up tamper protection policies 9.1 About the tamper protection policy How to roll out a tamper protection policy Setting up patch policies About the patch policy How to roll out a patch policy Setting up web control policies Recommended settings How to roll out a web control policy How to roll out an Inappropriate Website Control policy How to roll out a Full Web Control policy Setting up full disk encryption policies Defining full disk encryption policies Recommended settings How to roll out full disk encryption policy Scanning recommendations Using on-access scans Using scheduled scans Using on-demand scans Excluding items from scanning Technical support Legal notices Sophos Enterprise Console 1 About this guide This guide describes the policy setup guidelines for Sophos Enterprise Console and Sophos Endpoint Security and Control software. This guide is for you if: You are using Enterprise Console.Any third-party firewalls must be configured to allow update location queries and responses.The port used by default is 51235, but it can be changed.

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