Social problem teenagers face result dating

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Unfortunately, many teens underestimate how easy it is to develop an addiction.And they don't understand the risks associated with overdosing.Talk to your teen about sex, even if you don't think your child is engaging in sexual activity.

The decline in pregnancy doesn't necessarily mean teens are using protection, however.

The rise of social media use by teens has made bullying much more public and more pervasive. Discuss what she can do when she witnesses bullying and talk about options if she becomes a target.

Being proactive can prevent be key to helping your child deal with a bully.

if your teen seems withdrawn, experiences a change in his sleep patterns, or starts to perform badly in school, schedule an appointment with your teen's physician or contact a mental health professional.

According to research conducted by Family First Aid, 30 percent of teens in the U. have been involved in bullying—either as a victim or as the bully.

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