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This course will introduce the student to the broad field of animal science including a basic study of the anatomy and physiology of farm animals, livestock production systems, and contemporary issues regarding animal science.The student will become familiar with the fundamentals of feeding, genetics, marketing, animal health, and meat production.Also, an emphasis on managerial and cost accounting for making sound business decisions.(Prerequisite: ACCT 1010; a grade of C or better is strongly recommended in ACCT 1010) F, Sp Course designed for transfer and part of the TN Transfer Pathways.This course will introduce the student to the broad field of plant science including a basic study of the structure, reproduction, physiology, ecology, and classification of plants.The student will become familiar with the principles and practices involved with the culture, management, and utilization of economically important horticultural and agronomic crops.

At the conclusion of this course, the student will be conversant about the aviation industry: its history, its structure and importance, the fundamentals of flight, and the career options available.The course presents the essential information that students need to make an informed decision about the health care discipline they would like to pursue that best matches their individual interests, skills, and abilities.Course materials and student projects will develop the student’s awareness of the demands and expectations of health care professionals, including technical, ethical, legal, and professional competencies.This course introduces students to basic meteorological concepts, the acquisition of weather products for flight planning, and the use of these weather products in making flight decisions.(Prerequisite: Completion of Reading, Writing, and Math Learning Support, if required) F Not part of a TN Transfer Pathway.

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