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Amehiko is black coffee, rainy days, and meticulous attention to detail. Or: Yukihiro brews tea, Amehiko cleans, somewhere in the middle they fall in love.

Yukihiro is tea with honey, warm sunshine, and a happy-go-lucky but often absent smile. A girl named Melody, 16 years old, wakes up in another universe to join the consciousness of another version of herself.

Hayato is a true leader with a passion for success and the sense of responsibility to keep everyone happy and motivated.

Haruna is the oldest member but loves playing around with Hayato and Shiki.

Previously a lawyer, he has a strong sense of justice and wants to protect everyone’s smile.

Kaoru is often cold towards others and focused on himself and simply desires to be the best idol.

Not only are they all male, but they have a huge age range, from high school boys to working men!Minori is indulgent of Pierre’s eccentricity and watchful of Kyoji’s silent worries.A literal flower-boy, Minori actually works at a flower shop on top of being very handsome. Because his students are so important to him, Hazama wanted to become an idol to inspire them to work hard.Youth is seen as a time for potential and change, but Side M proves anyone regardless of gender or age can see their dreams come true.Like the i [email protected] anime before it, Side M’s strong appeal comes from its focus on achieving dreams, being idols, and a diverse cast.

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