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Yet Samir is one of the lucky ones, with many having been duped from the 'sextortion' capital of the world in Oued Zem, Morocco.Hundreds of scamsters operate from the desert city, taking advantage of 'wealthy' Western and Arabic men.Guys should consider shaving and wearing something presentable (or nothing at all).

If possible, avoid fluorescent lighting and go with something with more a yellow tone. Note also that Skype sex is more than masturbating — having someone watch you do it adds a whole new level. Dirty talk isn't necessary, but it can be very helpful in terms of spicing things up.

Samir was able to have to video taken down and prevented it being released to his family.

He admitted he would "throw himself from a window" had the clip been sent to a relative.

Feel free to be vain — you’re on camera, after all. RELATED: How To Take The Sexiest Selfies He's EVER Seen (And Keep Them Safe! It can be arousing, but it can also be daunting, so make sure you know exactly what gets you off in a physical way before you try it on camera. If you’re a dirty talk rookie, start easy by just describing things that you want your partner to do to you or things that you want to do to your partner.

Say it sexy, but don't worry about being clever if that isn't your thing.

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