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The gay storyline is worth the watch, although lately there hasn't been much of it, considering what has happened between them. The funny thing is that Ryan Hawley (the actor playing Robert) seemed even mote ripped when he came back after Robert woke up from the coma. But then there's Robert holding a gun at Ross and Aaron's dad coming back, not to mention Aaron's warehouse heist to get money to buy the pub. apparently his dad coming back will lead him to start cutting again. I would be okay with him being a selfish, manipulative bastard if he could actually pull it off, like if he had his own company, his own money, but he's a total loser. Or maybe she wanted to protect Robert, he is her step son after all. He was never meant to be anything but a support, just like Edna, Pearl or Sandy. Her actresses husband's character, David, went from being with Priya, who was pregnant with his daughter, back to Alicia, helped Priya through bulemia, married Alicia, befriended Lochlan, then warned him off his wife, supported Alicia through sexual assault, sold his shop, went with her to Portugal, came back and split up.

Either way though the gay characters are in other storylines too, which are all really good. I'm looking forward to more shirtless scenes from him. Sadly no indication of Robert and Aaron getting back together, but they will still be involved in their separate storylines. Trust me when I say they will still be featured a lot, even if they're not together right now. I think the only thing Aaron will accept is Robert finally accepting himself, and this is Robert, so you know..[quote]Robert is one of the hottest gay characters ever. Fangirls there still keep the Emett Scanlan whats-his-face thread alive even though he's been off Hollyoaks for years now. But of course Gordon was curious so he looked it up for himself. Are they really gonna make Gordon a bad guy and retcon the character just so Aaron can get yet another self-harming storyline? I was reading the DOOL threads after Will and Sonny got togther. Because he was never supposed to be hot or interesting. In two years Finn has been on the show he's had one flirtation with a nurse for 3 episodes. I would take Emmerdale any day over Deaths of our lives or Mumble Hospital.

And there's a spoiler showing Robert with a gun while the Emmerdale people are teasing for Aaron and Robert might get back together. I think he's still working at Home Farm, because last I remember Lawrence wasn't able to get him out of the contract, although I'm not sure. Seems like he had a change of heart after he got shot. They don't struggle with finding love, manuveuring a relationship or having kids like other characters.

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The thing is that Ross went through with it, while Andy didn't. (they air two episodes every Thursday)No Aaron or Robert.. He wants to get back into Chas and Aaron's lives again. Here's a preview if you want to see the look on Aaron's face when his father shows up again after all these years. I don't understand why Diane just didn't tell him the truth about Robert?When we watch a soap, we suspending our disbelief and accept that a village of 70 people has a thriving pub, bnb, garage, shop and salon or that random people appear in the background of the pub or at funerals and weddings despite all this, that crimes are only prosecuted depending on the story, that people fall in love, get married and split up not even a year later all the time, that bosses are nice and give you time off all the time or that every year someone struggles with some kind of addiction and 3 of 70 people go into a mental hospital, not to mention the amounts of accidents and deaths.Yet most characters get to have realistic lives with realistic problems.had one night stands" and Robert said yes, but they all meant nothing. It's something I hope the writers will explore more.Robert has hooked up with guys in the past, it has been mentioned several times. They have been trying to redeem him lately though, making him less of a maniac and more human, I appreciate that. Robert will be Robert, hence why he's threatening to kill Ross. I'd love to see Robert grow to eventually accept himself. this soap isn't perfect, and yes, there's definitely some missed potential here, and yes, the writers have messed up Robert to a point where redemption is difficult.

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