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Strangely enough, the best views of Roseberry Topping are not from the summit.

It cuts such a dramatic silhouette — a great wedge of sandstone rising from the moors around it — that the approach to it is an impressive sight in itself.

The lighthouse stands on the most north-easterly tip of the Wirral, a consistent presence since the 1600s when a wooden frame stood on the rock with a light burning at its head to warn passing shipping — hence the name of the rock, a ‘perch’ being the old term for a wooden tripod frame.

The name is said to stem from a visit to the site by Queen Victoria in 1866, accompanied by her beloved servant John Brown, but may be even older, dating back to Robert the Bruce’s wife Isabella of Scotland more than 570 years earlier.

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We shall return one day and thank you for treating the village kindly.’The church sits atop of Brent Tor, overlooking the moor.

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