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Ignoring mainstream climate scientists, they blamed droughts and storms on global warming and then tried to silence critics who pointed out their mistakes. A plurality of voters think Barack Obama is the worst president since World War II, a new poll says. Recent headlines have captured the character of this failure. With the incidents of the past two months, ranging from San Bernardino to Merced to Rochester, we now know that we are essentially unprotected from terrorist attacks.

According to a Quinnipiac University poll released Wednesday [11/9/2016], 33 percent of voters think the current president is the worst since 1945. One has to wonder just how much longer the American people will silently permit the categorical failure of American foreign policy, both in theory and in practice. What San Bernardino amounted to is that government fumbled the ball and then refused to pick it up.

[Scroll down] If we were to judge our 44 presidents by their failures and their accomplishments, several would receive very low grades.

Barack Obama would be the only one to receive a grade of less than zero. Some regard the president as a typical academic, with neither military nor business experience; in fact, only 8% of his cabinet, senior staff and advisers have hands-on experience in commerce and industry, strangers to job-creating and productive labor.

He has been, by far, the worst president in American history. seem to have gone backwards fifty years in the last six, African Americans overwhelmed with victimology and picking on cops before there is any evidence. This figure represents the lowest percentage among the last nineteen presidents, whose administrations averaged slightly over 46%.

And if we stop to consider the damage that has been done, globally, by radical Islam in just a matter of months, imagine the damage that an embittered Obama can be expected to do in the remaining 14 months of his presidency. Critics of the president are constantly accused of racism. (Reagan's clocked in at 56%.) Trained in critical race theory, animated by a collegial leftist bent, and proficient mainly at emitting high-sounding phrases and pseudo-scholarly platitudes without any purchase on reality, Obama may well be the least qualified person ever elected to the presidency in modern times. Human beings of every background are imperfect creatures.

This doesn't mean Obama will abandon that philosophy. We are mired in an era of pitiful economic growth that feels like stagnation.

He has vastly expanded government dependency, but he counts this an accomplishment.

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Guest Writer Says Obama 'Should Be Forced to Resign'.) that he couldn't deliver on any of his grandiose promises. I believe that those are all unmitigated disasters.The people who voted for "hope" and "change" are getting very little of either. When Hillary was running, we repeatedly heard from reporters that she was the most qualified person ever to run, and yet I never saw a list of foreign policy accomplishments of hers, either. President Trump has this ability to show people for who they are.The evidence confirming the totality of our failure is breathtaking in scope and severity. Every single error made on the federal level concerning terror since the first inauguration of Barack Obama came to a head, from encouraging Muslim immigration to enabling terrorists to enter the country to crippling security investigations in the name of PC.The federal government has unilaterally broken a basic element of the social contract — that the citizen will give up private use of violence and support the government in exchange for protection. Both the military and police have given up any pretense of attempting to control Islamic terrorism. In an increasingly dangerous world, Obama has checked out as commander in chief.

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