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Reading Terminal (one of America’s largest and oldest public markets) is an indoor culinary wonderland and a perfect weekend date option.

Scan the aisles and don’t be ashamed as you and your date get away with double the socially acceptable purchases (my picks include donuts from Beiler’s, cookies from Famous 4th Street, and roast pork from Di Nic’s) by sharing.

A renovated concert venue in a former luggage transfer station makes for a more picturesque date spot than you may think; they’ve got chandeliers here, people!

Check out the UT calendar, pick a show (there’s one almost every night), grab a beer, and enjoy the tunes -- and just so you know, if your date was on any of the Phillies, 76ers, Flyers, or Eagles championship rosters, you get in for free.

Beyond plenty of tables and benches, the park also holds the oldest surviving fountain of William Penn’s five original historic squares (inclusive of previously mentioned Rittenhouse and Washington Squares).

With 70- and 80-degree temps alas sweeping the calendar, it’s time to swap fluorescent lights for sunshine and break free from your desk during the lunch hour.

Fortunately, downtown Philly is scattered with charming parks and other city spots perfect for chowing down outdoors — and avoiding can’t-find-a-seat restaurant situations.

Take a seat next to its shooting streams, and enjoy a midday meal.

If you’re still hungry afterward, swing by the onsite Square Burger for a Cake Shake (a milkshake blended with Tastykake Butterscotch Krimpets), a popular summertime treat. Take in one of the most majestic scenes of the city at Race Street Pier, a spacious spot on the Delaware River waterfront offering beautiful views from beneath the Benjamin Franklin Bridge.

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