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We’ve been called Generation Catalano, Xennials, and The Lucky Ones, but no name has really stuck for this strange micro-generation that has both a healthy portion of Gen X grunge cynicism, and a dash of the unbridled optimism of Millennials.A big part of what makes us the square peg in the round hole of named generations is our strange relationship with technology and the internet.We were the first group of kids who grew up with household computers, but still novel enough to elicit confusion and wonder.

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Did you come home from middle school and head straight to AOL, praying all the time that you’d hear those magic words, “You’ve Got Mail” after waiting for the painfully slow dial-up internet to [email protected] Anna Garvey is co-owner and creative director of All Good Marketing, a digital marketing consulting company that offers essential services at affordable prices for small businesses.In past lives, she’s also been an ex-pat in Italy, a 6th grade teacher and an Amazon seller.In fact, it’s possible that you had a completely different childhood experience than a sibling just 5 years your junior, which is pretty mind-blowing.Thanks to the evil genius of Sean Parker, most of us were in college in the heyday of Napster and spent many a night using the university’s communal Ethernet to pillage our friends’ music libraries at breakneck speeds.

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