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At that moment, the farmer’s own son came to the door of the family hovel. As he walked through the woods, he came across an abandoned swimming hole, and as most boys his age do, he took off his clothes an jumped in! Before he had time to enjoy the pool of water, he was seized by a vicious attack of cramps. Most of us are familiar with the basic penicillin legend: a London bacteriologist notices something unusual about the mold growing in an uncleaned Petri dish and ends up making one of the greatest medical discoveries of all time.This boy would later save Winston Churchill’s life with penicillin when Churchill lay dying in a hospital during World So, Alexander Fleming’s father saved a young Winston Churchill from drowning in a bog.

With some great performances by the likes of Jason Patric, Catherine Keener, Ben Stiller, Amy Brenneman and Aaron Eckhart, this film really sucks you into this unsatisfied world of betrayal and sex.

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The next day, he went to meet the youth who have saved his son’s life. But we are poor people and could never afford to pay for my education.” “Never mind that,” said the Englishman.

As the two talked, the Englishman asked the brave lad what he planned to do with his future. “You shall have your heart’s desire and study medicine.

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