School days dating sim wiki

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There are 12 different endings and many side events to keep players entertained.

You have to help him forage for food, find a way off the island, and befriend girls. You spend time with the heroines and make decisions that changes your relationship during events.

Its critical and commercial success spawned a sizable media empire, including several spinoff titles. It was later ported to the Xbox 360, PSP, and i OS devices.

It's about a shut-in high school student that gets involved in a murder case and must cope with that and the errant delusions he faces.

Makoto might be friends with a girl or spark a romance.

According to her Student Profile, Kokona may be participating in compensated dating (also known as Enjo kōsai) and may be a victim of domestic abuse, though the latter is proven false as of the June 1st, 2016 Build. Your note said that you wanted to talk about...domestic abuse?

Although she does not enjoy it, Kokona only engages in such an activity to try and help her father out of debt.

How the girls feel about Makoto can rise during the battle part.

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 is a role-playing game developed and published by Atlus for the Play Station 2.

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