Proper way of dating a letter

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Of course, the pictures of the ladies are made by a professional photographer who knows how to use Photoshop. But every man with at least one eye can see that these women are also gorgeous without Photoshop, high heels and makeup.

Just look at them…The question is: One of the most common scams of marriage agencies is to buy photos from model agencies and to put them on their site.

It’s nothing special, but okay for a first message.

I just wanted to test if the service was really free or if I would be confronted with any additional costs. It doesn’t matter if a letter to a woman has pink stars on it or not.

To my surprise and disappointment, I was asked to decorate the letter before sending it…which would have cost extra. The only thing that matters is that she likes what you write.

There’s nothing wrong with charging for additional services. But if you charge for ​Even though some of the services that the company offers are unnecessary (at least in my opinion), I have to respect them for this: They are completely transparent about their pricing. And please forgive me that I don’t discuss the services that I consider as unnecessary and absolutely not helpful for a man who wants to find the foreign woman of his dreams.

Some of these pictures show them on their wedding day. Saying that a product costs and charging for it is not a scam.

You might think that it’s audacious to charge that much. As I will show you later, they even tell you how much you pay for every minute you want to chat with the women.

But as soon as you want to answer the letter that she sends you, you have to pay for it.But again, as long as they are transparent, they can charge whatever they want.It is your decision if you take their offer or if you try your luck with a normal dating site…​Until now I only reviewed dating sites.These were the questions I wanted to find answers to. My first video chat proved that the girl I chatted with was in fact the girl I saw on her profile pictures.She was a bit older than me, but she looked absolutely stunning.

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