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I find the lion analogy interesting because, at least in the fundamentalist LDS sects, the "weaker pride" i.e.

the teenage males are essentially kicked out of the clan before they become a threat to claim wives away from the adult males.

Although polygamy is illegal in Britain, many Muslim communities believe it is legitimate for a man to have up to four wives.

Under UK law only one marriage is legal, but men can have “nikah” religious ceremonies.

Some forums can only be seen by registered members. I believe in Polygamy, but do not practice it because my wife does not agree with it.

After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads. My reasons are that if a man has more than one wife, he has some variety and does not feel the urge to seek other women outside of his marriage.

(And yes, I realize that this group is different from the more mainstream Mormons whom I respect.) On another note, there are cultures (not necessarily Westernized) in which the women are the ones that "hunt" while the men take care of home.

I probably need to do more research before making a final decision...

If Polygamy were legalized, which in my opinion it should be, then it might become more popular, and for those who do practice it already, those people will live much better lives by not having to live in fear. Those male lions don't hunt unless they are starving.Polyandry sounds better to me, but I'm not a lion either. It's much easier to brainwash the young and uneducated.I'm not thinking there would be many women queueing up to get a piece of this action! I can see how some may view this as a "hey, this sounds great" sort of thing, but I would not want to be in that type of relationship.As well, the normal duties of a wife are shared, giving less of a burden on one wife.The income level of the household is increased significantly if for instance the Husband works, and he has two Wives working.

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