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You always have to ask yourself: “Could they be part of this?

Further paperwork sheds some light on a possible motive: a letter from Barclays Bank showed he was on a payment plan to pay off a £6,000 loan, of which £1,500 is outstanding.

Other paperwork shows Suffling, apparently unhappy as a detective, had been making inquiries about how to set himself up as a private investigator.

Meanwhile, CCTV footage of the car park where Kirie was plying her trade reveals a clear image of Suffling walking past the gates, having lain in wait for someone he believed was a suitable victim.‘He’s woefully unaware of anti-surveillance techniques,’ an officer remarks, off-camera. ‘I just think he got a bit arrogant about it,’ he says. ‘It’s a bit of a puzzle why someone would risk their income, their pension, their whole life, their family for the sake of a thousand pounds.’Suffling has been in custody overnight when he is interviewed by a female officer.

A team is sent to search Suffling’s house, briefed that it belongs to a fellow officer.‘I do appreciate it’s not nice when you’ve got to do a search on one of your own, but at the end of the day you’ve got to do your job,’ DCI Waite tells them.

They also need to be extra diligent: the suspect knows how the law works.‘If you’re working on a case where the suspect is a police officer, you can’t forget that they know the criminal justice system as well, so there is an extreme amount of pressure to get it right,’ DCI Waite tells the Mail.

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