Poems on dating abuse morgan m an dating granddaughter

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cause i don't know we're standing on a tight rope just waiting to fall again, fall again, fall again i look into your eyes so filled with love not a trace of the hate I've seen before but it won't last you're a ticking time bomb just waiting to blow.So try to hold on be strong before this unravels and fades away.Respect is a universally beneficial word to practice, to hold onto and to give away.Respect is a word meant to enrich the quality of life.By respecting one’s possessions, people learn to appreciate their belongings.Clothing and homes and vehicles last longer and offer years of comfort and security when they are properly taken care of.Special acquisitions provide decades of enjoyment when cared for in a respectful way, adding to their value and reverence for future generations.And finally, practicing respect for the natural world is essential for the continuance of life on Earth. The purity of the air, the land and the waters must be sustained.

Your bright joyous bounce has been battered into a slow-lapping sludge.

because you don't know how long the love, the happiness will last today.

We're standing on a tight rope just waiting to fall again, fall again, fall again. Our little girl walks in so forgiving and her eyes usually so bright but not this time her heart is burdened watching her parents fight and I don't know what to say watching the tears stream down her face then i realize the serenity the happiness never lasts. standing on a tight rope waiting to fall isn't worth the price it's time to say good-bye the sands of time are slipping through the cracks these moments flying by so damn fast now I'm trying to move on be strong letting the tight rope unravel and fade away now the happiness is bound to stay. My smile does not really show how I feel and my eyes do not allow you to see my depth.

Return to Top These are my pieces, but not my whole. I am no longer an object of someone else’s will, but a prisoner to my own body. For so long it was not given a say and was forcibly maneuvered by another.

Even my mind seems to be dictated by my own body's sensations. My hand hesitates to make contact with even ones I love.

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