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If you use the search endpoint but do not authenticate with OAuth, requests to the search endpoint will fail beginning August 15th, so please make the appropriate updates to your application!From Version V4.46 the script using the OAuth authentication.

Clicking "All Versions of this Release" link will load master release and bring all versions of that release.Checking the "Save image" checkbox under a image will store it after closing the Discogs Tagger window !The script cannot detect if you choose "Auto-Tag" or "Close".tags with discogs - Correct sub-tracks handling - Correct Index-Tracks handling [These tracks aren't song-tracks (e.g. If there are no results, or completely wrong results, problem might be the search string. Although there are plenty of alternatives offered, it is possible to type into the bar at the top and click on search button. There you can change the artist/album/track search string. If the release is correct but some tracks were missing/matching wrong, then it's time to test for different versions of the release.Track-Name: 'Bonus track' or 'Live side')] Installing: Latest installer can be obtained from the addons page through the download link. You can remove checks for unwanted information (for example composer). For more precise result you can set some filter by choosing the drop down. Hint: Searching unique identifiers such as barcode number, catalog number etc. One method is to try selecting a different result from the very top combo box to see if you can find the exact release.

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