Older women dating younger man can it work

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Another study found that women were 5x more likely to show interest in a man on online dating sites if he was 5 years younger than her.

If you’ve watched an episode of Considering this, it is no surprise that older women want a younger man who can please them.

In 1950, the average age of first marriage for women was 20. Since women can have their own careers and have many more rights, there is no need for young women to seek out an established older man.

Younger men are a lot less likely to have baggage like ex wives and kids.

For an older woman who wants her freedom and to have fun, this can be important.

Contrary to common belief, all older women aren’t frantically looking to settle down, get married, and have kids.

This is especially true of recently-divorced older women who just want to have fun, have a few hot flings, and focus on themselves for a while before getting back into a serious relationship.

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