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At MUO, she's responsible for the Windows and Productivity sections.

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Enki’s wife was Ninhursag, and amongst their children are Asarluhi, Enbilulu, and Marduk.

Signatories of the Geneva Conventions of 1949 and the Additional Protocols I and II of 8 June 1977 officially agree not to torture captured persons in armed conflicts, whether international or internal.

Then, click on the large ‘start’ button and you will be instantly connected to a new and interesting person.It is a serious violation of human rights, and is declared to be unacceptable (but not illegal) by Article 5 of the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights.Reasons for torture can include punishment, revenge, political re-education, deterrence, coercion of the victim or a third party, interrogation to extract information or a confession irrespective of whether it is false, or simply the sadistic gratification of those carrying out or observing the torture.Offers Random Chat, Live Cams, Chat Rooms, and more...It’s so simple to make hundreds of new friends, maybe you will even find that special someone!

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