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The OWACheck CRLOn Send parameter specifies how the certificate revocation list (CRL) check is enforced when an email message is sent in Outlook on the web. When this parameter is set to $true, Outlook on the web displays a warning dialog box and prevents signed or encrypted messages from being sent. When this parameter is set to $true, digitally signed messages are clear-signed.

The timeout value that's specified by this parameter is applied to the expansion of each distribution group.

For example, to set the encryption algorithms to 3DES, RC2-128, RC2-64, DES, and RC2-56, use the following value: 6603;668;66;6601;66.

If the parameter is not specified or is not formatted correctly, Outlook on the web uses 6610 (AES256).

For example, to provide a custom replacement for the 3DES algorithm, use the value 6603,.

You can specify multiple values separated by semicolons (;).

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