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Nor was it the first time that Michael had been accused of impropriety with young boys.

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After the Arvizo trial, a Bahraini sheikh allowed Jackson to stay in his palace, underwriting his lavish lifestyle. He took the money and moonwalked right out the door. He has never returned a phone call from the prince since he left Bahrain.’Although Jackson settled with the sheikh on the eve of the trial that would have aired his financial dirty laundry, the settlement only put him that much deeper into the hole.

In the course of my investigations, I spoke to two of his gay lovers, one a Hollywood waiter, the other an aspiring actor.

The waiter had remained friends, perhaps more, with the singer until his death last week.

But a few years later, the prince sued his former guest, demanding repayment for his hospitality. Roger Friedman, a TV journalist, said: ‘For one year, the prince underwrote Jackson’s life in Bahrain – everything including accommodation, guests, security and transportation. A hole that kept getting bigger, but that was guaranteed by Jackson’s half ownership of the copyrights to The Beatles catalogue.

He owned them in a joint venture with record company Sony, which have kept him from bankruptcy.

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