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Track 1 has Springsteen's vocals from a live 1995 performance at a café in Berlin laid over the original instrumental track of the album version.

Track 2-4 were recorded live during a TV appearance on the 1- THE GHOST OF TOM JOAD [Album version] 2- STRAIGHT TIME [Live version] 3- SINALOA COWBOYS [Live version] This EP was released in Europe in 1995 and Japan in 1996. [Live version] 4- SPARE PARTS [Live version] This EP was released in Europe and South Africa in 1996.

In response to the fan’s question, she said yes and Eminem then commented on the post saying, “girl you know it’s true.” Nicki Minaj then responded to Eminem saying, “babe I thought we were gonna keep it on the low til the wedding,” she wrote. I’ll talk to you when I get home.” She also posted some of the lyrics in the caption of the video uploaded to Instagram.

The nine singles and EPs are mostly international releases, dating from 1987 to 2012. Move It Boy – O Baby Move It Boy – O Baby Move It Boy – O Baby Girl You Know You Got Me Thinking All About You And I Really Wanna No If You Love Me Too Will You Let Me Know Because My Heart Is True Babe When I See Your Face I Wanna Be With You Mugha Nagha Natmadhu Natpalla Nencha Thaghanaga Natpadhu Natpaagum Karka Kasadara Karpavai Katrapin Marakka Seivadhu Love Aagum I Really Do Care And I Will Be There You Can Take Me Every Where Stay With Me And I’ll Let You See In My Heart You’ll Be Kaadhalin Nerungiya Nanban Tholvi Kaadhal Pachai Poigalin Vangi Kaadhal Ichai Pichai Ketkum Kochaiye…. ) Love Is Not A Game Love Is Not A Game Do You Wanna Go? – No No No I Won’t Say What Say What Will You Be Mine.. Jus Beat It Man Love Is Not A Fashion Love Is Not Trend Love Is For Loosers Beat It Friend Love Is Not For Me And Love Is Not For You Love Is But A Dream So Be My Friend Chinna Chinna Silmisham Chinna Chinna Kurumbugal Seiya Solli Thoondudhu Vayasunga ___ (Dash) ___ (Dash) Edhuvume Idhuvarai Paakkala Koditta Idangalai Nirappunga Love Is Such A Big Mistake Listen To Me Boy I Know – No Only Friendship Takes You Higher Everyday As Friends We Grow Endha Thappum Seidhida Maattom Aanaal Thandaa Maathiram Seivom Engal Purse’gal Mothamum Gaali Adhile Muththam Podunga Girls’a Chewing Gum Aakkaathe Heart’la Kudisai Podaathe Kaadhal Oru Tholporul Thondaathe Natpula Redrose Neettaathe Do That Thing You Like To Do Do It Let Me Win Your Heart Let Me Never Stop And Let Me Start All I Wanna Do Is Win Your Heart Aiyo Love Is Full Of Pain Poda Love Is Just A Strain I Don’t Wanna Love I Don’t Wanna Love (What? Kung anuman ang totoo Isip man ay litong-lito Handang handa akong sumalo Pagkat ikaw pa rin sigaw ng puso Ilang awit na ang inalay sayo Ilang luha na rin ang natuyo Kailan kaya muling makakatawang Hindi ko pinipilit, walang lungkot na sumisilip Kailan kaya muling makakamit Ang iyong yakap at halik ng hindi sa panaginip? Ikaw ay makasama't sabay tayong kakanta Kailan kaya muling mararanasan?

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