Little red dating

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Under those circumstances, I don't think he would even consider going out with a girl.He would be too ashamed to take the chance she would find out," she calmly replied."You might be right mother would we get him to agree to such a thing?" he screamed."Little Leroy settle down and stop that cussing. Her salt and pepper hair was usually tied into a tight bun at the back of her head, black horn rimmed glasses and her tight thin red lips made her look even more imposing."Look Little Leroy, I did that to protect you. School starts in an hour," she informed him."Protect me? So take this thing off me," he replied but not nearly as forceful as he intended."Little Leroy, those things are not all that reliable.Sit down and I will explain it to you," Louise said calmly."Bull shit! You just turned eighteen and the last thing you need is for some bimbo to get pregnant. I know for a fact that with the CB3000 you are guaranteed not to get a girl pregnant.

His date, Joanne did her best to get him to do the dastardly deed but failed.You know what can happen after a senior prom and we can't afford to take the chance. Mother knows how to protect her baby girl," she said with a satisfied smile."Alright Mother but if this doesn't work, we're toast," Lara said.Ooo Little Leroy was sound asleep thanks to the drug Louise put in his drink.Lara was in tears bemoaning the fact that she didn't get anything more than a yearly stipend. He had been married enough times to know why those women married him.He figured they bled him enough while he was alive so they didn't deserve anything more when he was gone. Hell, the little shit is already dating and no telling how soon he'll get one of them preggers. He didn't inherit his father's looks or build but when you add in his money and that fancy car....can guess how long it will take some conniving bitch to trap him.

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