Lesbian dating game valentine s special

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Perhaps somewhere down the line a failed date may have even turned into a successful matchmaker for as the saying goes “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.If dating is indeed a game then perhaps we should come up with a new strategy for the way we play.Instead of worrying about the outcome, we should enjoy the exercise for what it is, a meeting of two new people.Instead of interviewing for a position in the team of two, we should relax, let down our guard and be ourselves. The forever-controversial Ashley Madison – the world’s leading married dating website – used its insider access to the cheating set, surveying 1638 of its users, to determine how members juggle the romantic responsibility (or burden) of celebrating both their marriage and their extramarital relationship on Valentine’s Day.

When it comes to Valentine’s Day gift-giving, the difference between the spouse and the sidepiece is in the way cheaters spend their money – i.e. Aside from the activities of choice, the findings, in general, imply that – according to the modern cheater – there is no longer a real distinction between how they view the importance of each relationship.“Between how they spend their money and how they spend their time, the members surveyed are demonstrating that there is an increased investment being made with affair partners,” says Mise.More often than not, someone is bound to get hurt or sent-off and ultimately one or both teams leaves the pitch feeling like a loser. I decided to take stock of the situation, to look back over all my dating experiences to see if there was a common problem that could explain my past failures. In the past I had tried to be the guy that I thought the other person desired in order to “get the job”.In the end, when we date as if it were a game, nobody wins. To my surprise, after deep analysis, I realised that I was in fact the problem. I would downplay my fabulous fashion sense, talk-up my sporting prowess or exaggerate my interest in certain types of music.I empathised with Charlotte from Sex and the City who in one episode desperately exclaimed, “I’ve been dating since I was 15. But what about those guys with whom I had had fun, shared common interests, laughed and joked around?Should I never see them again just because there was no sexual chemistry? As adults we are rarely given the occasion to make new friends.

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