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Nobody ever questioned it and we didn’t really talk about it.

My brother didn’t even know about it until much later. In terms of identity, I really didn’t acknowledge the Korean side because I couldn’t really without getting into this big, deep story.

She dropped me off and told me that I was going to go live with my dad in America and told me to make sure to look for her when I get big.I identified with being African-American because my family was. It was tough and I went through a real identity crisis in high school. What do people who meet/see you think your ethnicity is? When my hair is natural and curly, they think I’m Hispanic. Do you mind to share a little about your adoption story? I was there for a couple of months in the spring going into summer of 1979.I wasn’t really accepted as African-American because I don’t really look “full” African-American. I went to a performance arts high school in DC for two years that was predominantly Black called Duke Ellington. I always knew I was adopted and remembered my birth mother. Kids like us were not given official birth certificates in Korea, so I didn’t really exist on paper until 1979 when my adoption was going through. I remember my mother taking me to pick out a dress at one of those little markets in Korea where they have everything on the walls. My sister is natural-born from my adoptive parents. I think due to me being shy and not putting words together properly, I’m not fluent speaking it. No, I didn’t see anyone around where I grew up that was mixed Korean until I went to college. Doing this cookbook I was able to perfect a recipe and we have it every weekend. Did you grow up around other mixed Koreans or people of mixed heritage?

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