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“Men here still hunt in packs, and often go out in big gangs and stick together,” says Kenny.“It’s often only when they get very drunk towards the end of the night that they have confidence to approach women.We’ll almost certainly moan when you keep us in check a little, but we’ll respect you for not letting us get away with bad behaviour.Your spirit is important, nobody is looking for a push over as a long term girlfriend, and we don’t want to feel that we’re your whole life and you rely on us for everything.“Of all my former classmates in Poland, I am probably one of only three people not married, and I am only 24. I didn’t have a single pre-conception about Irishmen.Irishmen are more into parties and a see-how-it-goes approach. One thing though, I notice the manners are different. “To be honest, I thought he was Canadian, as he had a very pure Dublin accent. They prefer to spend most of their time with other men.But does the fantasy match the reality of dating an Irish man?

But how does the perception of Irish men by overseas women compare to the realities of dating an Irish male?

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Judging by dating websites, Irish men have a good reputation among foreign women.

Some Irish men still look like little boys when they grey up.

“My experience is that Irish lads are more gentlemanly than many other cultures.

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